St. Patrick's Parish

2060 Haultain Street, Victoria BC, V8R 2L7
TEL: (250)592-7391 FAX: (250) 592-7392
Our Mission: To witness the presence of God by loving and caring for each other and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ
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Church Services


Mass Schedule

Saturday 6:00 pm (Sunday Vigil)
Sunday   11:00 am 
1:00 pm (Vietnamese) 
Weekdays   12:10 pm Tuesday to Friday



  11:30 am to 12:00 pm


Couples wishing to be married at St .Patrick's Church should contact the Parish Priest at least 6 months prior to their planned wedding date.

The Diocese of Victoria required that all persons married in the Catholic Church attend an approved marriage preparation course prior to the celebration marriage rite. Please look for the dates published in the Bulletin


The Church recommends that Catholic parents have their children baptized as soon as is practicable after their birth.

For information on infant Baptism contact Barbara Shenton at or call the Parish office 250-592-7391.

Persons who have reached the age of reason require some instruction on the Catholic faith prior to being baptized. This program is called the Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults or RCIA.

Persons who are interested in joining the Catholic Church or who desire more information on RCIA should contact Margaret Hollands at or call the Parish office 250-592-7391.

Anointing of the Sick

In an emergency call 250-889-3761 at any time for the Catholic Hospital Chaplain on duty.

Parishioners admitted to hospital should advise the Admitting Clerk that they are Catholics and would like the hospital visitors to be advised of their admittance. This will ensure that they are visited and can receive Holy Communion or arrange for the administration of the Sacrament of the Sick.


Catholics are encouraged to have the body of the deceased person present at a funeral Mass which precedes interment or cremation.

The chosen Funeral Home will be aware of the requirements for a Catholic funeral and can assist you in making arrangements. For information about the funeral or any special requests for the liturgy, please contact the Parish Priest at 250-592-7391.

Information for Visitors

You are welcome as a visitor at Mass or any other service at St. Patrick's. You should not be concerned or feel uncomfortable because you may not know when to stand, sit or kneel. It is suggested that you stand when others stand and either sit or kneel when others kneel.

Catholics often genuflect on entering or leaving the Church as a sign of their belief that the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the Tabernacle is the Body of Christ. Visitors who are not Catholics need not genuflect but should act reverently as they would in any holy place.

During a Mass, many Catholics will come forward to receive the Blessed Sacrament consecrated at that Mass. This Communion is a unifying feature of their Faith. Those who do not share this Faith may remain in their place or may come forward for a blessing. To receive a blessing they should cross their arms on their chest when they approach the person distributing Communion.